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Eleasias 1-4

Spend time each day (3+ hours) praying at temple of Lathander and additionally spending time \"protecting\" our dwarven friend from the wiles of Ms. Kharva. Lucious has been behaving oddly as of late, I may be forced to confront him and determine what is going on. Our spell caster is as cranky as ever but Kendren seems to be learning well from him.

Eleasias 5

Here is where the party is and what it is doing:

Thorngrim: Cursed by berserking amulet of acid; currently under the care of Kharva the Dwarf at the behest of Lord Randall Morn.

Tyrion: Spending the time alternately in prayer at the Temple of Lathander and keeping an eye on his young friend Kendren.

Carsius: Training Kendren in the mystic arts.

Kendren: Apprenticed to Carsius, training in the mystic arts.

Lucious: Behaving oddly, being watched unbeknownst to him.

Ento: Spending time communing with nature.

Eleasias 7

An adventuring party appeared. They are composed of a female elf, a male drow, a cloaked human male, and a male human cleric of Helm

Eleasias 8

Rider and two clerics, one of Tyr and one of Tymora appear and offer aid to the party. They freed Kendren from his cursed boots for a 50 gold piece donation, and Thorgrim from his curse amulet for another 50 gold piece donation. Tyrion also gave a 50 gold piece donation to the temple of Tyr. We then began journey North to Dagger Falls.

Met Joel and Jedidiah - Dungeon North East of Dagger Falls (Sword of Dales) Found and slaughtered Goblinoid parties - wounds from dagger\\ slashing weapons\\ rapier Encountered added party - Jarlaxle - thief, Artemis, Krystarn, Adralion.

Eleasias 11

We arrived at Dagger Falls in late evening. The Dwarf and Druid got hammered; while I prayed at the shrine of Tyr and gave a 25 gold piece donation.

Eleasias 12

Journey to North fork in road; North or North West. We continued our journey, and several hours after lunch we encountered a hobgoblin, 2 gnolls, 3 orcs and defeated them soundly enduring damage from storm.

Eleasias 13

We battled a young green dragon. As we were gaining the advantage, the dragon\'s parents arrived and removed the young dragon before it perished. A short time later, the older male dragon returned to apologize for his foolish son and gave us a set of Dwarven Platemail that is magically enchanted.

We discovered a dead adult green dragon at the hands of our opposing party; dead within the past six hours.

As we were preparing supper, we spotted external fairie fire stone.

As we were setting up for bed, we engaged three red shades and defeated them.

Eleasias 14

Entered Shraevyn\'s Tomb - reputed resting place of the Sword of the Dales.

Several hours later we engaged drider and 2 huge spiders; my little friend Kendren killed the drider; found an alter of Cyric and destroyed it; fought and killed a vampire, personally landed killing blow.

Eleasias 15

Lucious foolishly separated from the party and engaged a flesh golem, we left to aid him; something very suspicious about his behavior.

Shortly after lunch, a storm started; discovered Sword of the Dales after defeating flesh golem; issues with Lucious grow worse - he must be dealt with... soon...

Just after lunch we were attacked by a werewolf and mummy. during the battle, a new party member showed up, Corellian Brightblade Paladin of Finder. With his aide we defeated the werewolf and mummy. Discovered a descending staircase, located and battled lich and minions. Defeated lich by destroying his phylactery... Lucious disappeared with the lich for a time-something very suspicious about this. We almost slew Lucious, he has pushed past our patience.

Encountered Jarlaxle\'s group they robbed us blind. Exited dungeon to Fairie Fire Rock and decided to return to Dagger Falls.

Eleasias 16

Traveling towards Dagger Falls. Nothing of interest happened.

Eleasias 17

Several hours after lunch we encountered three manticores and defeated them soundly. I personally finished one of them.

Around dinner time we arrived at Dagger Falls and planned a party for the town.

Party in Dagger Falls; broke up bar brawl at party, searched for halfling; Lucious attempted to kill Kendren and is currently locked up in the Sleeping Dragon. 2330 Situation with werewolf and part of Sleeping Dragon burned. Ranger fought with beast (werewolf).

Eleasias 18

Trial in Dagger Falls of myself for \"stealing\" crystal ball from the druid. Result - no penalty against me and our party splits in two separate parties.

Party One






Party Two





Eleasias 19

In the early morning, Lucias\'s party departed heading westward. At noon Tyrion and party headed towards the Brightblade Dwarves

We traveled the day without incident. Shortly after setting up camp for the evening, we were assaulted by 4 Shade and bested them ... barely...

After the battle had ended, the Ranger and Paladin departed (loaned Paladin a signal whistle), for locations unknown.

Battle with Lucias\'s party... Lich we fought in Shraevyn\'s Tomb was aiding THEIR PARTY!!! We beat the druid and Lich; Kendren disappeared with the druid\'s body; the dwarf is headed for a tomb of Dwarven treasures; Met with Jarlaxle and arranged for a three tenday break from our \"competition\" so we may pursue Kendren... we have agreed to allow Cristarn to temporarily join our party in exchange for aid in apprehending the dwarf; we rest the remainder of the night.

Eleasias 20

We journeyed uneventfully. After setting up camp for the evening, we found our dear little halfling friend; That night fought Artemis Enre\' in a \"dream??\" and we beat him... I am not sure what is going on.