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The Keep Of ImARock

The Town of Talen, Master of the Keep Welcome Traveler! I am Talen, master of the Keep. Please feel free to look around while you are here. There is an Archive where can read about the adventures and heroes who have come through here. There is The Well where our resident grumpy dwarf will be more than happy to carve your name into the stones, so all who pass may know that you were here. There is Godwin's Shop where the pesky old gnome will sell you some items he has made, or offer advice on creating characters, party, and everything else. There is The Inn where some of the current heroes live in the rooms above, and a bar where you can read many funny stories and other humorous tales. At the Temple you may pay your respects to the fallen heroes that lie in honored glory. Then there is the Mayor's House where you can learn all about the people who built this town.